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Mindful learning together with Parents, Grandparents and Practitioner

We have been developing new ways of exploring the outdoors and connecting to our values about the wider ecological world.  Nature Effect director Annie Davy has been leading the Sense of Place project, working directly with parents, teachers and grandparents  (see BLOG:  Click HERE.) and with colleagues and film maker Zoe Broughton. She feels very lucky to have been able to engage with such a wide range of interesting people in this work .  We are working on releasing materials and a training film very soon.  In the meantime the work is finding its way to various training programmes for early years teachers across the country – and was well received at the Montessori International conference in London on March 12th, where Richarch Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods  also spoke.  His new book Vitamin N is due out soon.   If you are interested in hearing more about A Sense of Place please  join our newletter mailing, or email us directly

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