The Nature Effect

Ongoing Groups

Our workshops and groups draw on a range of experience and methodology using Head Heart and Body and Intuition. We might explore identity and the various roles we play, core values and purpose, how we make a living, how we relate to our physical sense of place, phases of life and transitions, or perhaps the landscapes that mean ‘home’, and the communities within which we live and work.

We trust that working with Nature, the elements and the seasons enables us to restore and resource ourselves. We develop our sense of connection and support each other over this part of the journey of our lives. Our Associates come from a range of backgrounds including psychotherapy, education, coaching and organizational development. All of us have independent practices or work as part of other organisations, as well as offering groups and one off workshops through the Nature Effect.

Women Waking Up


A monthly peer group for women offering nurture, provocation, risk taking, nature connection and support for each other in this part of the journey of our lives. Facilitated by Annie Davy using a range of approaches - contemplations, action learning and personal and ecological constellations.

Girls Mentoring Circle


Associate Jackie Singer talks about a recent initiative:

“In the new year of 2014, a group of 11 ten and eleven year old girls met for the first time in a Community Centre, with two mentors, myself and Emma Hood. As we sat around a vase of pink roses and did our first ‘check in’, a dream that I’d held for a long time came into being. The period of time when girls are changing into teenagers, moving to a new school, dealing with the onset of puberty and shifting relationships with parents, is such a tender and significant phase. Inspired by a training with the Rose Circle (, I wanted to offer something to hold girls steady through this time.

Emma Hood is a primary school teacher, who brings skills in bushcraft, cooking, and non-violent communication, to add to my creative and therapeutic toolkit. Emma and I had both been on The Nature Effect’s Women and Earth retreat, and also been part of TNE’s Kids Area team at Uncivilisation Festival. We build on this common ground as we plan each session. Our passionate hope is that we can share with these girls some of the treasures we only discovered much later in life: how to cherish the wild rhythms of our own bodies, listen to the truth of our own hearts, and find support from our friends and relations.”


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