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"Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives." - Mary Ann Brussat

“You cannot hold back a good laugh any more than you can the tide. Both are forces of nature.” - William Rotsler


We work with a dream team of freelance Associates including facilitators, artists, teachers, bush crafters and social entrepreneurs who come together for particular pieces of work or a project – and also meet a few times a year to exchange ideas and support each others’ work.

Polly McAfee


Polly comes to The Nature Effect from a background in group facilitation and events management. She is passionate about expanding her group work to focus on engagement with the natural world and how we can deepen our relationship with our changing ecological landscape.

In 2002, she co-founded The Funding Network (TFN), an organisation enabling ordinary people to meet social change pioneers and collectively give money to support their work. To date, thousands of TFN givers has raised over £7million for more than a thousand different social change charities around the world. Polly loves TFN because it democratises philanthropy, connects donors and campaigners face-to-face as real people not names on a form, and helps donors educate themselves and become champions for diverse causes.

As a facilitator, Polly runs groups on women’s sexuality and integrative psychosexual therapy. She is also an accredited Action Learning facilitator.

She now lives on beautiful, wild Dartmoor with her wife and young twins, and is looking forward to hosting the first Nature Effect camp there in summer 2015.

Shtig a self-employed illustrator, cartoonist and designer working in Oxford, mostly on climate, energy and sustainable-living issues. He also dabbles in carpentry, hammocks, dragons, permaculture, painting murals and building bike-trailers. Originally a psychologist, he's been a lollipop-lady, researcher, tree-pruner and a campaigner. He's begun replacing his clunky old website ( with a new blog:

Stuart Turner


I work in an outdoor learning context with children and families, especially in the areas of outdoor creativity and creative connections with the natural environment. I have worked outdoors with children and young adults with a wide range of physical and educational needs over the past ten years. The inspiration for much of this work has been the transformative benefits of re-establishing our connections with making, building, growing and cooking in natural and urban outdoor environments. I have trained in the fields of contemporary arts, conservation and land management, and I currently work as an Outdoor Family development worker for Oxfordshire County Council and the Earth Trust.

Susie Dadd

Environmental Artist and Tree Weaver. Susie works with people of all ages, creating beautiful spaces using nature as inspiration and natural materials.

Zoe Bicat


Zoë has nurtured a love of the natural world through a varied working life as a writer, singer-songwriter, facilitator on participative projects with vulnerable children and young people in Oxfordshire, and as a physical therapist working with injury rehabilitation. She is currently enrolled with the Shiatsu College on their Qigong teacher training programme. Zoe has a fascination for the way that our awareness of nature weaves into, nourishes and supports different strands of our work and living. She has studied bushcraft with the UK organisations Native Awareness School of Primitive and Earth Living Skills, Pathfinder UK, and Woodlore. Zoe was shortlisted for the assistant selection process for Woodlore in 2011, involving 4 days in the woods in November practising skills in a series of challenges.

Since 2007 Zoe has offered workshops in bushcraft and nature awareness for individuals and families at various settings including Plan-It Earth Education for Sustainability Project in Cornwall, Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust, and in Oxfordshire for the Earth Trust, Hill End Outdoor Centre, and Barracks Lane Community Garden. Zoe loves the blend of adults and children and the learning and enrichment that can arise when they work together. She is especially interested in firemaking, tracking, and prehistoric cooking methods. For more information, contact

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