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"Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives." - Mary Ann Brussat

“You cannot hold back a good laugh any more than you can the tide. Both are forces of nature.” - William Rotsler


We work with a dream team of freelance Associates including facilitators, artists, teachers, bush crafters and social entrepreneurs who come together for particular pieces of work or a project – and also meet a few times a year to exchange ideas and support each others’ work.

Helen Osborn


Helen has had a varied career, successfully spanning primary schools teaching, complementary medicine and administration within the not for profit sector. She was for many years treasurer of the Parasol Project (inclusive play for disabled and non-disabled children and also for one of the UK leading and most successful festivals promoting ideas for a sustainable lifestyle and future of the planet.

She worked as a teacher of primary school children for over 10 years in which capacity she also trained as Forest School leader developing sustainable schools activities and supporting outdoor learning. She taught massage as well as anatomy and physiology for 10 years. She was a committee member on the British Massage Therapy Council for two years, developing professional standards for massage. She is also a founder member and Director of Barracks Lane Community Garden Project Helen has recently started working at Eau de Vie Natural Health Centre, supporting the team of Practitioners and is enjoying a return to this working environment.

Hilary Kneale


Hilary Kneale is an artist whose work takes her out into the landscape over all terrains and in all weathers, she works through installation, performance while inhabiting space and time, she is a teller of ancient stories. 'I relish the challenge of the edge and stretch of working in collaboration with other artists. I have worked with a rich mix of cross-art form collaborations both within natural and man-made environments. Some of the collaborations have continued and developed over a period of many years and others have arisen for specific projects. I have worked with artists, writers, photographers, filmmakers, dancers, musicians, potters, poets and environmentalists'.

Hilary is a movement teacher and practitioner and has been studying the native American medicine wheel and shamanic teachings with Chris Luttichau of Northern Drum for over 10 years, she supports the work of Northern Drum through assistance on trainings. Hilary runs Vision Quests yearly on Dartmoor Hilary is a mother and a grandmother.

‘The man who does not know nature, who does not walk under the leaves as under his own roof, is partial and wounded. I say this even as wilderness shrinks beneath our unkindness and our indifference. Nature there will always be, but it will not be what we have now, much less the deeper fields and woodlands many of us remember from our childhood'. Winter Hours. Mary Oliver 1999'

Hugh Dunford Wood

A father of three boys, Hugh has led many weekend workshops for men and boys, fathers and daughters, for elders, and for men surviving loss of work and relationship, over 25 years. For the past 15 of those years he has run vision quest retreats for men, women and teenagers in the hills of Wales, using his imagination, intuition and experience to facilitate significant renewal in the lives of others. Hugh is a painter designer living a creative family life in Dorset, overlooking the sea. He is aged 62 and is a Quaker by conviction.

Jackie Singer


Jackie Singer has led creative and therapeutic groups for 20 years, whilst also being a singer-songwriter, storyteller and writer.  Her current project with The Nature Effect is ‘The Wolf Clan’, a mentoring circle for girls aged 11 – 13 years, which she and Emma Hood set up and co-lead.  The group meets monthly, often outdoors, and has a two-night camp in the summer. 

This group arose out of Jackie’s interest in rites of passage.  Jackie is a celebrant, leading non-denominational ceremonies for naming children, weddings, funerals and other life events, and wrote a book, Birthrites: Rituals and Ceremonies for the Child-Bearing Years, published by Permanent Publications (2008).

For the past 12 years Jackie has performed with Kismet, a contemporary folk band, whose latest album ‘Feast’ was released in 2015. (

Jackie originally trained as a Drama and Movement Therapist (1994), after an English degree at Oxford University, and is now becoming more publicly what she has always been at heart - a Shamanic Practitioner.  She is deeply resourced both by nature, and by her inner journeys to the wilder terrains of the creative imagination.  Her work is increasingly dedicated to empowering girls and women to discover and live from their seat of deep intuition and wisdom.  She believes that this shift will help to bring about the radical changes needed in the world at this critical time.,
She blogs at

Jane Flood


Jane has been working with landscape and ritual for over 20 years using traditional stories as a tool to connect people with place.She has told stories all over the world having recentlyreturned fromc ollecting traditional stories from the elders of Zanzibar. These never before written down tales will be made into a book and used in schools in East Africa.

In the last 10 years Jane has delivered 4 year long landscape projects working with the local residents of Mendip, the Blackdown Hills, Weston Super Mare and currently the Avalon Marshes.She has a word hoard of over well 450 traditional stories. For more info


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